I am a former journalist, with over 15 years of experience as a teacher and for the past four years a passionate researcher of the active learning approach in education. I’m interested in understanding how we learn, to offer the best practices for each learning experience in the school, community or corporate environment.

It is with great excitement and a necessary pinch of fear that I introduce you to Claraboia Learning ExperiencesIf you have been following our trajectory, it is important to reiterate that Creativity, Collaboration and Humanity are still at the core of our motto. Creativity and collaboration are the tools to be guided by human connections in each and every learning experience created by Claraboia.

What is different now is the scope of our reach. Claraboia started aiming to create online courses to help educators, above all language teachers, particularly those of Portuguese as a foreign language as well as students in the areas of Education and active learning methodologies. Today the project turns its direction to a broader audience (including having the languages of communication not limited to Portuguese anymore). It is worth mentioning that this turn of directions is not intended to alienate the public mentioned above.

As you can see, now the goal is to reach people on a diverse range of journeys, both of teaching and learning. We will still have asynchrony, online courses, which demand minimal knowledge of computers and technology, requesting only a reasonable connection to the Internet. On the other hand, we now add to our services: consulting, scripting and creating from scratch relevant learning experiences such as courses, workshops, webinars and trainings for a number of areas of knowledge, and live interactions as well . Just as before, the focus is on how and not on what one teaches.

The idea is to nurture and support an inventive approach to deliver those experiences. To that end, Claraboia is opening up to new partnerships, honoring one of its own foundational pillars: collaboration. More than ever, I activate my experiences as a journalist and as an educator. However, I welcome to the table the contribution of other perspectives and views.

Claraboia emerged from a personal and professional need and it gained steam from the discoveries I have found along these two past years, trying to understand my niche and who needs (or simply wants) what I have to teach.

The modality online allows me to keep on my trajectory as an educator from wherever I find myself. I have learned that, no matter how distant, even in the virtual world, our interactions may be headed by values that reinforce the humanity in each of us. In this sense, there is no more opportune moment than the one in which we are living to embed all learning experiences with empathy and warmth.

Whether it is teaching a complex topic of Quantic Physics, the first letters to a child of this millennium, training professional practices or rescuing a forgotten ability, the role of Claraboia is to assist in the creation of learning experiences that are relevant, gratifying and, hopefully, memorable.

Our new menu of options will include classes on improving your pedagogical knowledge and repertory as always. In addition, I will make available ideas to facilitate your work as a mediator of educational contents. So far the material is only in Portuguese but I will have versions in English and most materials will have subtitles. If you have questions or suggestions, please, do not hesitate to contact me via email at contato@claraboiacursos.com

I thank all of you who have supported my enterprise since the beginning and I welcome those coming on board now. It is my pleasure to share my faith in Education as key for a better and more just society. 


Selma Vital , Phd

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