(Brazilian) Portuguese as a Foreign Language

Individual or group classes. Make an appointment to see if my teaching style meets your needs and goals.

São Paulo. Personal file.

Learn a new language from the comfort of your home or the convenience of your office.

Individual classes – From true beginners and A1 to intermediate and advanced learners*.

Prior to the first lesson, I discuss with the potential student his/her language proficiency level, learning goals, expectations in terms of time for achieving such goals and how much time he/she can or want to dedicate to preparing for classes or completing assignments.

Option for registering as an already established group or placement in an existing one

Very flexible time slots

Option for fast paced classes for those fluent in Spanish

Although I have no experience with Celpe – Bras, I would be happy to help with preparation for those already placed at intermediate to advanced levels.

1 hour class/ IndividualUS$ 25
90 min class/IndividualUS$ 35
90 min class/ 2 studentsUS$ 25 per person
90 min class/3 to 5 students
US$ 20 per person
90 min class/ 6 to 10 studentsUS$ 15 per person

  • * For a quick self-assessment check the CEFR as a reference.

Consult about a prepaid package of classes with discounts.

To learn a new language is to have one more window from which to look at the world

— Chinese proverb

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